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The most common and well-known application for parasite removal is following Dr Hulda Clark's healing protocol. Ms Clark claims that zapping a patient can literally remove all parasites (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc) from the body.

For this application, the zapper is connected to two electrodes of some kind which are applied on the body. The current is then pulsed through the user's body.

Various electrode configurations are available. The options include:
Hand held electrodes

No matter the configuration used, the electrode is simply a means of transmitting the current through the body. One electrode acts as a negative pole, the other a positive, and your body completes the circuit.

Hulda Clark's treatment protocols have proven to heal countless zapper users worldwide. You may wish to read Hulda Clark's books on the topic to get a broad understanding of her logic principles.

1. Wrap the handheld rods in paper toweling or a thin cotton cloth or sleeve so that no copper is exposed. Wet the toweling or cotton cloth with water and squeeze out the excess moisture. The handholds should be damp but not dripping. If you are using cotton cloth you will notice that it turns green after a few weeks. This is copper oxide. You can wash the cloth out with bleach and reuse it. If you want to increase the conductivity and power of the zapper you can use salt water instead of spring water or tap water, but this will probably be too strong for most people. Do not use distilled water. It does not conduct electricity because there are no minerals in distilled water. Always unplug the AC adapter after you have finished zapping. For overseas customers: the transformer is designed to last a lifetime. In order to protect it against the possibility of overheating please unplug it after each 7-minute zapping session.

2. It is recommended that you do not exercise while zapping. Exercising while zapping can create resistance to the square wave and reduce its therapeutic effectiveness. Even grasping the handholds too tightly can reduce the power of the wave that is entering the body. This effect has been measured on an oscilloscope. So, just relax and enjoy your zapping session. Place a timer, watch or clock in front of you. Remove all metal from your body, including your belt, glasses and jewelry. If you have metal implants don't worry. You will still get very good results and there will be no problems caused by the implants. Most implants are made of titanium which is the least reactive of all the metals. If you are watching TV sit at least 6 feet from the TV to avoid possible wave interference.

3. When you turn the switch on the light will come on. The output of The Zapper is guaranteed to conform to all of the advertised operating features each and every time you zap.

4. Hold the black handhold in your left hand and the red handhold in your right hand. Most people will feel nothing at all when zapping because there are 2,000 pulsations per second which is too rapid for most people to detect. But some people are sensitive and they will feel a slight tingling. Everyone is different. Putting the red handhold in the left hand and the black handhold in the right hand sometimes gets good results too. Some people like to switch the handholds back and forth during their zapping session. Feel free to experiment to see what works best for you. Do not tighten your grip when you hold the handholds. This will create resistance to the square wave. Do not allow the handholds to touch. You will not feel anything if this does happen and there will not be a short circuit or any problems at all. But the effectiveness of your zapping will be reduced.

5. The standard zapping cycle is 7 minutes on (which kills the parasites), then turn the switch off and wait for 20 minutes. Zap again for 7 minutes (which kills the bacteria released by the dead parasites) then take another 20-minute break. Zap one last time for 7 minutes (which kills the viruses released by the dead bacteria). This constitutes a full zapping cycle.

6. You should zap at least once a day for the first 3 weeks. You may start to get results within the first few days, which is very common. You may wish to complete 1 to 3 zapping cycles per day. After zapping for 3 weeks take a break for one week before resuming zapping. The purpose of this is twofold. Firstly, you need to give the body a rest from the detoxification. Secondly, you do not want the parasites and other pathogens to become used to the zapping. They might become resistant to it. You want to surprise them every time you zap and having a break after 3 weeks allows for this.

7. Some people are very sensitive. They should zap for only one minute for the first few days then work up very slowly to their comfort level in one-minute increments. Some people like to zap for 10 minutes or more straight, with breaks of 20 minutes. Some people even like zapping for one hour without any break. Again, experiment to find what works best for you. After all is said and done I recommend that people go slowly with detoxification. Trying to kill too many toxins at once can make you feel unwell, like you have the flu. This is the die-off effect. If you start to feel out of sorts cut back on your zapping time and then work your way back up slowly. Slow and steady is the best way.

8. Before zapping please consult a licensed medical practitioner if you are taking any medicine, herbal products or supplements. To ensure the safe use of supplements and other health-related products, please let your medical practitioner know if you are using a zapper. The Zapper can potentiate these products via electroporation making their effects more powerful by temporarily increasing cell permeability. It opens the cells letting nutrients, herbs and medication enter more efficiently. Although some people may find this beneficial this may not be beneficial for all people under all conditions. This should be closely evaluated by you and your medical practitioner.

9. Some people have sensitive skin. If you notice any irritation or redness after zapping, or if you are experiencing any discomfort, zap for only one minute for the first few days then work up very slowly to your comfort level in one-minute increments. Also, change the body location of the handholds to minimize the chance of irritation or redness. See point #15 for some suggestions. Sensitive people should not place the zapper on sensitive parts of their body for too long. This may cause irritation, redness or itching. Many people report that The Zapper makes them feel relaxed. They like to sleep before falling asleep because they get a better night's sleep. If you zap at bedtime do not fall asleep while attached to your zapper. Although this will not cause a problem for most people, some people with sensitive skin may get a superficial skin burn if they have contact with the handholds all night. One the contrary, some people like zapping in the morning because they say that it energizes them. As I say, everyone is different. Experiment to see what works best for you.

10. Sprinkle some water on the paper towel or cotton cloth if they become too dry during the breaks. They should be moist at all times when zapping. You may let them dry out after you have finished zapping so that you can reuse them the next time you zap. But do not let water drip onto the box or down the wire leads into the box. Your zapper may stop functioning in this case. Some people like to sprinkle salt water on the handholds and footpads to increase the conductivity. Most people will start to feel the pulses and their skin will start to get irritated, red and itchy when they do this. So I do not recommend this for most people.

11. Instead of holding the handholds in your hands you may want to experiment with placing them on other body locations. Here are some suggestions: one handhold in each sock; one handhold in the left side of your waistband, the other handhold in the right side of your waistband; the red handhold below the navel and the black handhold on the back opposite the navel; one handhold over the liver, the other handhold over the spleen; one handhold under each arm; one handhold on the inside of each wrist for treating the blood. Some people find that switching the handholds from one hand to another every minute or two is very effective.

12. Placing the handholds near the area you want to treat is often more effective than holding them in your hands. One customer recently reported that he covered the ends of the handhold tubes and placed them near his sinuses and his sinus infection cleared up right away. You can try various ways of placing the handholds to see what works best for you. If you have not ordered footpads you can be hands-free with the handholds. Just wrap a couple of loose rubber bands around your wrists or ankles then insert the handholds.

13. Placing the handholds on the various Chakra points or energy centers of the body or placing them on acupuncture points (via the footpads, especially) can be very effective. One practitioner in Florida has been using a zapper by placing the handholds on the Chakra points on his patients and he has achieved remarkable results zapping for only 3 minutes.

14. Do not zap if you are pregnant or if you are wearing a heart pacemaker. The maker of the Auto-Zap says that his zapper can be used with footpads for people who have heart pacemakers. This is because his zapper emits a weak signal. The New Improved Zapper is very powerful and even if it were used only with the footpads it might interfere with a heart pacemaker.

15. The original Dr. Hulda Clark zapper has been approved as a medical device in Europe and Canada. This particular equipment configuration has not been approved for human use by government authorities. The above procedure and instructions are for the benefit of people who wish to do personal research experimenting with a square wave generator.

16. As required by law, The Zapper is an experimental device and is for research purposes only, and that absolutely no claims of any kind are made as to the suitability of this equipment for any purpose. No medical claims are made or implied. The maker takes no responsibility for any effects, positive or negative, resulting from the use of the device.

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Wrist Strap with Connectors for Zapper Z4e - Dr. Hulda Clark
Wrist Strap with Connectors for Zapper Z4e - Dr. Hulda Clark

This is the high quality elastic wrist straps with coil cords and removable plugs for use with the Dr. Clark specified Zapper. The Zapper Z4E, C31, and Copper Rods with connectors are sold separately.

Availability: Yes

Retail: $26.99
Our Low price: $16.99

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