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Samento Uncaria Tomentosa, Extra Strength, 30 caps

BRAND: Nutramedix
UPC: 728650001214
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $34.95
Availability: n/a


Samento Is a medicinal rainforest plant that has been used for many years by native Peruvians. Samento's properties include Immunomodulation, Antibacterial, Antimutagenic, Diuretic, Depurative, Hypotensive and Vermifuge.

Studies suggest Samento may be beneficial in supporting the treatment of a wide range of immune system related conditions and immune system disorders. Immune system disorders may casue various health issues which may include but are not limited to, Lyme Disease, arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, allergies, ulcers, systemic candidiasis, all forms of herpes, diabetes, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, intestinal disorders and HIV infection.

Several reports on the constituents of Uncaria Tomentosa, the plant Samento is made from, have focused on the oxidole alkaloids, one of the many groups of phyto-nutrients found in the plant. Studies confirm that 2 chemotypes of Uncaria Tomentosa with different alkaloid patterns occur in nature. One type contains pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs) and the other contains both POAs and tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOAs). POAs act on the cellular immune system and TOAs act on the central nervous system. Recent studies confirm that the TOAs exert antagonistic effects on the action of the POAs. Uncaria tomentosa plants may contain as much as 80% TOAs. According to studies in Austria, as little as 1% TOAs can cause a 30% reduction in the acquired immune benefits that POAs provide. This may explain why large dosages, at times far exceeding 10,000 mg per day, of Cat’s Claw containing TOAs are required to obtain some results in treating immune system related conditions.

According to Dr. James Howenstine, MD. in an article dated April 17, 2005: "It is now realized that Lyme Disease can mimic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Bell’s Palsy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, neuritis, psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, heart failure, angina, irregular heart rhythms, fibromyalgia, dermatitis, autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma and lupus, eye inflammatory reactions, sudden deafness, SIDS, ADD and hyperactivity, chronic pain and many other conditions."

Preliminary findings show that Samento (Cat's Claw) is very helpful in treating these conditions.


The preventative dosage is 1 "Samento" capsule per day. Those with chronic or acute problems take 1 to 3 "Samento- Extra Strength" capsules daily or as recommended by your health care professional.

Product Research


  • "Samento is considered one of the most important botanicals in the rainforest. In Peru, Samento tea is used as a medicinal herb. This herb is a powerful cellular rejuvenator and has been used to support the treatment of gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), ulcers, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, irregularities of the female cycle, and acne. It is also used to treat organic depression. External applications of Samento include the treatment of wounds, fungus, fistulas and hemorrhoids. European research shows that Samento activates the immune system by increasing lymphocytic (white blood cell) activity. Other sources commend the effectiveness of leaf compresses against venereal diseases like syphilis. It has a positive treatment effect in cases of rheumatic disorders, neuralgias, chronic inflammation (vaginal or intestinal), and viral diseases like herpes zoster (shingles). It can also help restore proper intestinal flora and has diuretic properties."
  • "Samento from the Peruvian rainforest is a favorite for stimulating the immune system. Worldwide research done on this powerful herb has led scientists to patent many of the single chemicals found in it for use in supporting the treatment of various diseases. However, traditional wisdom shows that using the whole plant can be far more powerful than any one isolated ingredient. Some doctors have referred to Samento as "the opener of the way" because of its remarkable ability to cleanse the entire intestinal tract. Because of this ability, Samento can be used for Crohn's disease, hemorrhoids, parasites, leaky bowel syndrome, ulcers, gastritis, allergic disorders, diverticulitis, stabilizing intestinal flora and other gastrointestinal issues.
  • Samento is also a powerful anti-inflammatory which makes it very useful for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. It also helps to increase T-lymphocyte and microphage production, tonify the blood, and can be used as a broad spectrum infection fighter. Samento also helps repair the lipid matrix in the cell walls and is particularity good for stopping the expansion of virus laden cells. At the University of Milan, Renato Rizzi led an experiment with Samento as it relates to cancer causing (mutagenic) substances in smokers. It is well known that the urine of smokers contains mutagenic substances. When given Samento for two weeks, the smoker's urine returned to normal. This is important because it shows Samento too may help lesson the risk of developing cancers and other degenerative diseases."

ACTIONS: Immune system booster, tumour inhibitor, infection fighter, dispels inflammation.

TRADITIONAL USE: It is considered one of the most important botanicals in the rainforest. By supporting and enhancing immune system function, Samento is indicated in a broad spectrum of conditions including all types of infections. Urarina tribesman of Peru tell stories of Samento curing tumors. Samento was one of the plants researched by the National Institute for Health as an anticancer agent, and studies from various laboratories indicate it normalizes the immunoglobulins by activating T-lymphocytes and macrophages.

MERIDIAN INDICATIONS: Tonifies the blood, Increases Liver / Spleen Qi, releases congestion in liver meridian. EVA POINTS: Liver, Spleen"

"Uncaria guianensis (Aubl.) Gmel. Rubiaceae. "Samento", "Cat's claw", "Paraguayo", "Garabato", "Una de gavilan", "Hawk's claw". In Piura, the bark decoction, considered anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, and contraceptive, is used in treating gastric ulcers and tumors (FEO). Considered a remedy for cancer of the female's urinary tract; also used for gastritis, rheumatism and cirrhosis. The "Boras" use it for gonorrhea (RVM). Colombian and Guianan Indians use it for dysentery (SAR). Nicole Maxwell culimates her latest edition with an illustrated anecdote about this plant, now exported by the tons to Europe, for various cancers. Nicole even states that it turns grey hair black, including some of her own. (NIC). See following entry."

"Uncaria tomentosa (Aubl.) Gmel. Rubiaceae. "Una de gato", "Cat's claw", "Paraguayo", "Garabato","Una de gavilan,"Hawk's claw". Widely used in Peru for anti-inflammatory, contraceptive, and cytostatic activities, the plant has yielded an anti-inflammatory anti-edemic glycoside (JNP54(2):453. 1991). In Piura, the bark decoction, considered anti-inflammatory, anti-rheuniatic, and contraceptive, is used in treating gastric ulcers and tumours (FEO). In her latest edition, Nicole Maxwell (1990) has added much information which may reflect the potential of the cat's claw. She informs us that Sidney McDaniel submitted samples to the NIH cancer screen."

"The most powerful immune-enhancing herb is Samento." Research from 1970 through the present (by Klaus Keplinger and others in Austria, Germany, England, Hungary and Italy) has shown beneficial effects of Samento in the treatments for cancer, genital herpes, systemic candidiasis and AIDS. Six alkaloids isolated from the plant root have been found to significantly enhance the ability of the white blood cells to attack, engulf and digest harmful micro-organisms or foreign matter, thus assisting the process of phagocytosis in the body. My own preliminary studies on the immune-enhancing properties of Samento have uncovered the following:

  • An ability to stop viral infections in the early stages (when an individual feels an infection starting and/or already has a fever, fatigue, muscle aches and sore throat). One patient reported that his viral infection symptoms cleared within 8 hours after taking Samento.
  • An ability to help patients who are chemically-sensitive, decreasing the fatigue which accompanies this problem and reducing the severity of symptoms.
  • An ability to significantly enhance emotional stability, even in the midst of extreme stress from personal problems. One patient commented, "I just can't get depressed anymore, no matter what happens. It's this Amazon herb!"
  • An ability to help the body fight infections better in AIDS patients. One patient reported, "I ran out of the fungicide for the skin rash on my face and used a bacteriocidal agent until I could get a new prescription. The bactericidal didn't work and the rash started coming back. I used Samento and after just three days, the rash cleared up on my face. I feel that it's my own body working against the fungus as a result of the Samento."
  • An ability to decrease the visible size of some skin, tumour or cyst growths within two weeks.
  • Samento also has anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These properties explain its usefulness in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, allergies and numerous bowel and intestinal disorders. There have been several case histories cited in literature where Samento has been linked with the remission of intractable brain and other tumours and give relief to the side-effects of chemotherapy."

Alternative Herbal Supplements and Products Listed Below

Samento Liquid Extract, Uncaria Tomentosa, 0.5% POA, 1 fl. oz. (30ml)Samento Liquid Extract Uncaria Tomentosa, 0.5% POA, 1 fl ozNutraMedix utilizes a proprietary extraction and enhancement process that provides a highly bio-available, full spectrum extract.

Retail: $47.95
Our Low price: $35.95

Quina, Liquid Extract - 30mlLiquid Extract, Quina, 30 mlNative to the Andes, Quina (Cinchona calisaya) is Peruvian shrub with large glossy leaves and fragrant yellow/green or red flowers.

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Cat's Claw Bark, Nature's Way 485mg -100 CapsulesCats Claw Bark, 485 mg- 100 capsCat's Claw Bark is a traditional tonic herb for well being, Cat's Claw was historically used by the indigenous people of South America to stimulate the immune system in a variety of serious ailments.

Availability: Yes

Retail: $10.59
Our Low price: $2.71

Cats Claw Standardized Extract, 60 capsCats Claw Standardized Extract, 60 capsNature's Way Cat's Claw extract, also known as Una de Gato is derived from the bark of plants wild-harvested in Peru and Brazil.

Availability: Yes

Retail: $20.59
Our Low price: $9.69

Liquid Extract, Noni, 30 mlLiquid Extract, Noni, 30 mlNoni (Morinda citrifolia) is a tropical fruit that is grown in the Pacific Islands. The most beneficial Noni is grown organically in pollution free volcanic soil.

Retail: $39.95
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Shark Cartilage, NOW Foods - 750mg - 100 CapsulesShark Cartilage, 750 mg- 100 capsShark cartilage is taken to ease the pain and inflammation of arthritis and other bone and joint ailments. Popular as an alternative treatment for cancer, shark cartilage is taken both to slow the growth of existing tumors and in smaller daily doses to prevent new cancers.

Retail: $14.99
Our Low price: $9.56

Wolfberry Tincture, Goji Juice Concentrate ( Lycium Barbarum) - 2 fl. oz.Wolfberry Tincture, Goji Juice Concentrate ( Lycium Barbarum) - 2 fl. oz.Wolfberry ( Goji ) has healing benefits of nourishing and strengthening the eyes, liver, kidneys and nourishing the blood.

Availability: Yes

Retail: $19.70
Our Low price: $18.69

Cordyceps CS-4,  400 mg- 90 capsCordyceps CS-4, 400 mg- 90 capsClinically, Cordyceps is used to build and support immune function in various immune compromised conditions including chronic fatigue, cancer, and respiratory conditions.

Availability: Yes

Retail: $25.95
Our Low price: $23.36

Bovine Colostrum Supplement, 100% Pure Powder, NOW Foods - 3 oz.Colostrum Powder Pure, 3 ozBovine Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced by the mammary glands during the first 24-48 hours after birth. The benefit is that bovine colostrum is rich in immunoglobulin.

Retail: $23.99
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Cold Sore Cream, Homeopathic with Active Zinc, Novitra Boericke & Tafel - 0.25 oz.Cold Sore Cream, 0.25 ozBoericke & Tafel Cold Sore Cream was scientifically researched and clinically studied to provide a safe treatment that speeds healing while reducing symptoms.

Availability: Yes

Retail: $15.66
Our Low price: $10.31

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