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What is Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils to enhance physical or mental well being. Essential oils are distilled plant essences that may be used to make ourselves feel better. Aromatherapy is the process of diffusing pure essential oils, and thus plant essences, which then is absorbed through inhalation and our sense of smell. Smell has an effect on our perceptions and how we react physically, emotionally, and mentally to our surroundings. Various every day scents remind us of the seasons of the year, our location or situation, potential dangers or happy occasions. Essential oils may effect the physical, mental and emotional aspect of our lives. Inhalation of essential oils may also effect the release of brain chemicals such as seratonin. Other essential oils have healing qualities when applied topically.

Essential oils are very expensive to produce, some more so than others, due to the labor intensive process and the quantity of the plant required to produce the oil, Approximately 400 kg of Thyme would produce 1 kg of essential oil , 2000 kg of rose petals to make 1kg of Rose oil , 6 tons of orange blossom to produce 1 kg of Neroli , and 4 million Jasmine flowers to produce 1 kg of Jasmine absolute.

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History of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy was used by the most ancient civilizations and is reputed to be at least 6000 years old. It is widely thought that Aromatherapy originated in Egypt. A medical papyri (writings) estimated to date around 1555 BC contains remedies for many types of illnesses with similar methods of application in Aromatherapy and Herbal medicine today.

The Egyptians used a method known as infusion to extract the oils from aromatic plants and incense was probably one of the earliest ways of using aromatics. Frankincense was burned at sunrise as an offering to the sun god, Ra and myrrh was offered to the moon. The Egyptians used many fragrant oils after bathing and for massages. The Greeks continued the use of aromatic oils for medicine and cosmetics. A book about herbal medicine written by a Greek physician, Pedacius Dioscorides, was the Western world's standard medical reference for at least 1200 years. Many of the Aromatherapy remedies mentioned in his book are still in use today.

Rome became the bathing and massage capital of the world, taking much of their medical knowledge from the Greeks, the Romans went on to use and improve aromatherapy. As trade routes opened up to East India and Arabia the Romans began importing new aromatic products.

Though it took many years to perfect the process, the physician Avicenna who lived from A.D 980 to A.D. 1037 is believed to have first used the process of distillation to obtain the essence of rose. Around the same time, the Arabs also discovered how to distil alcohol making it possible to produce perfumes without a heavy oily base.

It is a believed that the ancient Chinese civilizations were using some form of aromatherapy at the same time as the Egyptians. Shen Nung's Herbal book, dated about 2700 B.C., is the oldest surviving medical book in China and contains information on over 300 plants. The Chinese used aromatic herbs and burned aromatic woods and incense to show respect to God.

One of the main aspect of traditional Indian medicine known as ayurveda practiced for more than 3000 years incorporates aromatic massage. The invasions of South America by the conquistador’s brought about the discovery of more medicinal plants and aromatic oils as the Aztecs were well known for their plant remedies and the Spanish were amazed at the wealth of medicinal plants found in Montezuma's botanical gardens.

The North American Indians also used aromatic oils and produced their own herbal remedies.

It wasn't until the 19th century that scientists in Europe and Great Britain began researching the effects of essential oils on bacteria in humans.

A French chemist , Rene Maurice Gattefosse, began his research into the healing powers of essential oils after burning his hand in his laboratory and immersing in it in lavender oil and being impressed by how quickly the burn healed. In 1937 he published a book about the anti -microbial effects of the oils and coined the word Aromatherapy. He went on to set up a business producing oils for use in fragrances and cosmetics. Around the same time another Frenchman, Albert Couvreur, published a book on the medicinal uses of essential oils.

A French medical doctor , Jean Valnet, discovered Gattefosse's research and began experimenting with essential oils. Around the same time, Margaret Maury, a French biochemist developed a unique method of applying these oils to the skin with massage. Micheline Arcier, now living in London, studied and worked with Maury and Valnet and their combined techniques created a form of Aromatherapy now used all over the world.

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Organic VS. Non Organic Essential Oils
Organic essential oils are extracted from plants that have not been treated with pesticides, herbicides, irradiation, or any form of unnatural treatment. Non-organic oils may contain toxic and unnatural substances that may harmful or cause allergic reactions. Do expect to pay more for oils distilled from organic plants since it does cost a lot more to grow crops via organic means.

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How to buy Essential Oils
  • It is best to purchase 100% pure botanical extracts, rather then chemical reproductions of fragrances. These chemical reproductions will not have the same effect as natural pure essential oils.
  • Pure oils may be diluted, but know what you are buying and what they are diluted with. Many oils are safely diluted with a carrier oil such as Jojoba, Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Grape seed Oil, or Olive Oil.
  • Essential Oils produced from organic herbs insures that the extracts do not contain any toxic chemicals.
  • It is usually best to buy in small quantities based upon the usage. Oxygen slowly deteriorates the oil in partially filled bottles.
  • There may be great variations in price that depends on the extraction method and the level of dilution of the oil. Keep this in mind for comparison purposes.
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How to store Essential Oils
Essential oils should be stored in a cool dark place and because many oils are sensitive to Ultra Violet light should be stored in dark amber or cobalt glass bottles. Essential oils should never be stored in plastic bottles, or with plastic droppers in place as the vapors may corrode the dropper or bottle. If stored properly, essential oils will keep for approximately 1 year. Some citrus oils, such as lemon, orange and lime will not keep for as long. All essential oils should be stored OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Diffusing Essential Oils for Inhalation
Essential oils are inhaled through the nose after some method of diffusion into the air. For inhalation special devices may be used such as electric diffusers, simmer pots, aromatherapy lamps, or light bulb rings. Or they may be inhaled directly from the bottle. Incense, such as Jin Sticks, are dipped in essential oils and then diffused by burning the sticks. In some cases the oil is concentrated into a resin or small cone and then burned for diffusion.

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Some Aromatherapy Massage Oil Formulas
Aromatic Massage oils combine essential oils with a suitable massage carrier oil or lotion. Massage has a powerful effect on the body and the emotions. Combined with the therapeutic qualities of essential oils, massage can be a very invigorating or deeply relaxing experience.

Below are some of our suggestions for blended massage oils to relax or revive.
  • Invigorating citrus massage: Blend 3 drops of bergamot essential oil, 2 drops of peppermint and 1 drop of lemon in 20mls of sweet almond oil (2fl oz). Bergamot has an uplifting citrus aroma and balsamic overtones, this blended with the stimulating 'coolness' of the peppermint and the citrus 'tang' of the lemon oil produce a wonderfully uplifting massage blend.
  • Invigorating lavender massage: Blend 2 drops of Lavender with 2 drops of orange and 2 drops of peppermint with 20mls of Sweet almond oil. This blend is a 'cooling' invigorating mixture with the floral scent of the lavender combining with the lively peppermint and the warm orange oil. An invigorating massage experience.
  • relaxing massage: Three drops of Sandalwood and one drop of chamomile blended with 20mls of sweet almond oil. A relaxing blend with the relaxing tones of the sandalwood and the 'fruity' tones of the chamomile. This is an ideal massage blend to unwind with at the end of the day.
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Some Dilution Ratios for Topical Applications
The Prescription for Nutritional Healing recommends the following dilution ratios:
  • Baths: 8 drops essential oil for one tub of water
  • Body Lotion: 25 drops essential oil for 8 ounces
  • Carpet Freshener: 25 drops essential oil to 16 oz of water
  • Cleaning: 25 drops essential oil to 2 gallons of water
  • Facial Oil: 6 drops of essential oil to 1 ounce of jojoba oil
  • Hair Conditioner: 1 drop of essential oil to 6 oz of unscented conditioner
  • Massage Oil: 25 drops of essential oil to 2 ounces of almond oil.
  • Perfume: 12 drops essential oil to one half oz of water
  • Room Deodorizer: 25 drops of essential oil to 16 oz of water
  • Shampoo: 12 drops of essential oil to 16 oz of unscented shampoo
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Usage Warnings and Cautions
  • Essential Oils usually require dilution if not already diluted
  • Do not use Oils near the eyes
  • If hands have been in contact with Oils, do not touch your face, mucous membranes, nose, or genitals
  • Keep Essential Oils out of reach of children
  • If using on children reduce concentration (dilute more).
  • Be cautious using essential oils during pregnancy
  • Avoid sun exposure when using citrus oils
  • Sensitivity to oils may vary considerably. It is best to start treatment with a lower dose or dilution and work up. Sensitivity may vary according to the herbs used. Some herbs have a mild effect while others may have a stronger effect and should be used carefully.
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